About Company

Direct Distributions LLC is a distributor of RC toys and hobby in Ukraine. The company has a 10-years experience in wholesale and distribution of radiocontrolled models, hobby products and toys. We are distributor (B2B) and sell only to shops, not to end customers.

The company works at several directions:

  • radiocontrolled hobby and sport models with related accessories and spare parts;
  • kids radiocontrolled and electronic toys;
  • electronic consumer goods;
  • goods for aerial video and photography.

Today Direct Distributions LLC occupies one of the leading positions among suppliers of hobby products and covers entire RC market in Ukraine. The company always works on his own reputation, professes a customer-oriented approach, has created a professional team and all the time develops network of business partners. The company covers countrywide retail and online as well with high level of quality and post-sales support together with promotion and brand market development. Partners have the opportunity to work with a usable online B2B system, it greatly simplifies the interaction. The company has strict retail pricing policy and controls MSRP at our customer's shops. Our aim is to become a reliable, regular supplier of toys and RC models for each store.

The company offers:

  • full responsibility for the quality of the goods;
  • regular assortment replenishment of novelties;
  • the company equips items with detailed instructions in Russian / Ukrainian;
  • technical support and quality service in Ukraine; service centers perform warranty and post-warranty repairs;
  • marketing support: video unboxing; POS; we provide catalogs with the description and characteristics for sellers of our partners; banners; content with photos, video and description;
  • the possibility of exchange of goods on more liquid for stores;
  • recent prices and stocks in the XML format for the automatic exchange of data between the online store and Direct Distributions' data base;
  • the company controls the observance of retail prices.

The assortment amounts more than 30 renowned brands (click here to view the portfolio of brands), which cover all segments of RC models and goods for hobby. Company`s employees apply maximum efforts to monitor the market`s development and research customers' preferences for the goods to meet the consumer requirements in full. Purchasing Managers regularly visit international exhibitions and factories of manufacturers for exploring the new products, and choose the most progressive items for our range. We understand the needs of domestic market so we are able to select the brands that will be the leaders in their category.

The main office is located in Dnepropetrovsk, regional office - in Kiev. Warehouse complex has area of more than 600 square meters. The network of service centers throughout Ukraine carry out warranty and post-warranty service maintenance of end customers. Also we have own logistics company and have experience in imports from Taiwan, China, Japan and other countries.

Your offers are welcome to: Khomyakov Mihail, CEO, gmmikle@gmail.com

About Ukraine

There are a lot of opportunities on Ukrainian market. Ukraine is a country situated in centre of Europe. Ukraine does not enter into the European Union. Ukraine borders Russian Federation to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest , Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest.

The population of the country is near 42 mln. Sex ratio: male – 46%; female – 54%. Age structure: 0-14 years – 15%. .

Official language is Ukrainian; Russian is widely spoken. Modern Ukraine culture has a lot of common with Russian culture. It is quite understandable as our nations have their historical roots much before than Soviet Union.

The largest city in Ukraine is Kyiv (capital of Ukraine). The biggest cities are Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkov, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Lviv.

Ukrainian climate is temperate continental. An average winter temperature is from -8˚C to -12˚C (from +17.6˚F to +3˚F) with snowfalls, but during winter it can descend down to -35˚C. An average summer temperature: from +18˚C to +25˚C (from +64.4˚F to +77˚F) but during daytime it can reach +35˚C (+95˚F).

Ukraine is tolerant to religious confessions of all kinds.

The traditional Ukrainian symbols are trident and blue-and-yellow flag.

Holidays in Ukraine: 1 January - New Year; 7 January - Orthodox Christmas; 8 March - International Women's Day; Easter; 1-2 May - Labor Day; 9 May - Victory Day; Trinity Day; 28 June - Constitution Day; 24 August - Ukrainian Independence Day.

Monetary unit: hryvnia (UAH). Ukraine is not very expensive country. The World Bank classifies Ukraine as a middle-income state. The most widespread foreign currencies in Ukraine are US dollar and Euro. Click here to view the rate of UAH/USD.

Measures: The Metric System (SI)

Time: GMT +2

Voltage: 220 V (AC), frequency – 50 Hz. Socket: Europlug (Type C), Schuko (Type F)

Phone code: +380

Auto traffic: right driving

Internet domain zone: .ua